About Us

Welcome to Whole Soul Tees


Hello Beautiful Soul!

There are no limits to your spiritual expression especially when it comes to what you wear. Your style and your spiritual expression are not separate from each other. So let’s express your inner-ista! 

Like your unique spiritual journey, every piece created by Whole Soul Tees is a unique custom design that you will not find anywhere else. We recognize your creative experiences as inspiration to share in fun and artistic ways. Here, your style is expressed through quotes and styles that cover a broad spectrum of metaphysics, astrology and spirituality.

What We Value

  • To share our journey of connection to self-love, soul purpose and personal growth with others.
  • To commit to high quality products and services that uplift and inspire our community.
  • To empower and motivate through creative self-expression and unique designs. 

At Whole Soul Tee’s we believe that your life journey to discover who you are is beautiful and creative. No matter where you are on your journey, we want you to be free to express your story of enlightenment, spiritual growth, personal development, and positive thinking.

Let’s Connect

We are inspired by our products and we hope you will be too. We are here to help you find your inspiration and answer any questions you may have.

Want one of our designs on a particular item? Let us know, we can create it for you.

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